Back to Basics Makeup Tips

Have you always wondered what the tri-coloured wheel is at the makeup counter is for?

Read on to find the tips from a pro to perfect a flawless base. Let’s start with hiding imperfection on your skin, we all have one.

Napoleon Perdis Pro Palette Correct Conceal
Napoleon Perdis Pro Palette Correct Conceal

Concealer correcting tri-palettes are amazing when you know how to use them correctly. Remember these are to use before your foundation otherwise you may look ill. This colour correcting product must be used sparingly.

Mint colour counteracts red on your face, for example, if you suffer from rosacea, annoying red pimple or also if you would like to tone down your cheek redness. When correcting large areas like rosacea you can blend out this product with a primer and a foundation brush. Small spots like pimples a small fine tip brush works well.

Yellow counteracts purples tones, for example, the dark circles under your eyes. If you look closely your dark circles are purple based, as the skin under your eyes is very thin shows blood vessels, therefore applying yellow on your dark circles before your concealer helps disguise the darkness to achieve a flawless base.

Handy tip: In the unfortunate case of having bruising on your face the yellow can hide bruising when applied underneath foundation.

Lilac colour: helps to hide yellow tone on skin. This colour would not be used as much, bruises do have yellow tone and as bruise fades they yellow. Also when applying makeup to a yellow-toned skin this lilac concealer can be blended out with primer to tone down the yellow tone of the skin if that is the desired outcome.

Any small colour correction is applied after primer and before foundation.

Small concealer size is great for acne and small corrections; if you were looking for larger area coverage under your foundation I would use a tinted primer. Applying a coloured base can look intimating at first but once you understand how they work it is the same as a primer but with a little magic.

I love Smashbox primers my self, or a cheaper option is to use your primer with a crushed or loose eye shadow with a pearl before applying your foundation. Another brand that came to my attention during my research was Clinique primers. I am yet to test them out for my self but if you are just starting out on coloured primers this looks like a foolproof start, all the different tints labeled according the desired outcome you are trying to achieve (from left to right) Redness, Dullness, Dullness in Deeper Skins, Discolouration, Universal & Sallowness.

Clinique SuperPrimer Face Primer
Clinique SuperPrimer Face Primer

Pink based primers gives you a luminous base under your foundation (my fav)! Great for photos, going out and maybe a pick me up after a late night before work!

Smashbox Photo Finish
Smashbox Photo Finish

Primers are best applied with clean fingers to blend and warm the product to your skin.

As noted before green counter acts redness so if you have rosacea or a large area to cover of acne or flushed cheeks use this primer- I would advise to only use in the red areas.

If you haven’t already try a colour primer and let me know how you go? If you already use them, which brand is your go to?