Fake Tan: Fake it – Don’t Bake it

Fake tanning products have come a long way since the obvious fake orange glow. We are now more aware that tanning in the sun isn’t great for our skin.

There are some great natural golden fake tanning products on the market that make an undetectable fake tan, but only if you apply them correctly – no orange hands here.

Keep reading for my top tips to apply a flawless fake tan.

Scrub Up

Use a mitt to exfoliate 24 hours before tanning. It will remove dead skin and create a smooth base for the tan to adhere to.

Tuscan Tan exfoliating glove
Tuscan Tan exfoliating glove – image via Tuscan Tan

Dry Spots

Apply moisturizer to your hands, elbows, knees and ankles. Do not apply deodorant before tanning.

Model Co tanning range
Model Co tanning range – image via Model Co

Buff It In

A tanning glove is ideal for applying the fake tan of your choice- St Tropez, Le Tan, Model Co all work well depending on your budget.

I prefer to use a foam with a guide colour is the easiest to apply and see any mistakes. Apply fake tan on to glove and start with the top of the arm and blend around the arm in a circular motion down to the bottom of the arm, same with the legs start with the top and move around to the back of the leg.

With a minimal product is on your glove lightly go over elbow, knees and ankles as the driest patch will absorb the most product and is a dead giveaway for fake tan.

Use A Back Applicator

If you don’t have a flatmate or partner to apply tan to your back a back applicator is necessary, and also a mirror with good lighting like natural light big enough to see your back.

Tanning back applicator
Tanning back applicator

Follow the instructions on the back of the tan packaging for how long until you shower and preferably start the whole tan process of exfoliation and tanning 48 hours before an event.

Tan After Care

To extend the life of your tan use a gentle granular exfoliating scrub in the shower every three days to avoid a patchy tan.

The Body Shop body scrub
The Body Shop body scrub – image via The Body shop

Extend Your Tan

Use a moisturizer morning and night, this will help to extend your tan.

What’s your favourite tanning tip? Feel free to share in the comments.