The Difference Between FTL and LTL Transport

Every business needs to transport their goods, be it from their supplier or if you are the producer to the supplier. In most cases, it’s people who are buying from the supplier that use freight transport. Now for this purpose there are two types of freight transport. This depends on the volume of your goods. The two types of freight transport are full truckload also known as FTL, or less than truckload laps known as LTL. There are advantages to both types of transport and through the course of this article I will compare the two and give advantages for both types of transport.

truck freight transport
Heavy haulage LTL or FTL transport

Let’s start off with less than heavy truckload transport also know as hot shot freight transport. The big difference in this method is that when it comes to hot shot freight loads your volume doesn’t have to basically fill a truck or trailer up. Of course, this means that you would be sharing the space with other businesses as well. Due to this factor, the cost of transport is divided up among the people who are using the truck. So it’s ideal for a small business who reset have a need to transport a lot of goods at the same time. There are businesses who don’t need to stock up on a large amount of whatever they are selling. Keep in mind that this means that they would be stopping at businesses who are on the road before you so your goods can be delayed a bit. There is a chance that your goods could be switched from truck to truck as well which might not be a good idea for fragile goods.

When it comes Full truckload this doesn’t necessarily mean that you fill up the entire truck or trailer it could just mean that you want a truck or trailer dedicated to transporting your goods. This is meant for larger businesses or people who deal in fragile goods as this is more suitable for them than the hot shot freight loads system. In addition to that as you have a truck or trailer for yourself, this means that you get your delivery sooner as well. So if you are a business who has to pay a lot of attention to the time factor of your deliveries then this would be a better option.

All in all, you must bear in mind that LTL is only good enough for you if you are a small scale businesses. I mean sure yeah it may seem the cheaper option but there are disadvantages as well as I have shown. So for large scale business FTL is always the better option. Of course, it is up to you to decide this is merely advice.